When does a landlord require the services of a professional clearance company?

House Clearance companies specialise in the removal of unwanted items from homes, ensuring responsible disposal through donations to charities, selling, recycling or other eco friendly  disposal methods.

There are several instances when a landlord might require the services of a clearance company including

  1. When a tenant leaves the property in a poor condition, with excessive waste.

2. In the unfortunate case of a tenants passing, where relatives cannot be reached.

3. Dealing with a tenant affected by a hoarding disorder.

4. Following an eviction.

What to do with the tenant’s belongings :

Landlords must understand their rights and those of the tenants under the Torts ( Interference with Goods ) Act 1977. Items left behind still belong to the tenant, necessitating safe storage and a a21 day notice period for collection. Reasonable efforts to contact the tenant area required, potentially involving services to locate them. After the notice period, if the tenant cannot be contacted, their belongings can be disposed of or sold, with proper documentation.

Costs and Responsibility: House Clearances costs range depending on the size and volume of the items. Landlords are usually responsible for covering these costs if tenants abandon the property without communication. However, proceeds from selling tenant’s items can offset expenses, provided proper attempts have been made.

Dealing with Probate: In the unfortunate event of a tenant’s passing , the executor of their will handles personal effects, and clearance costs may be covered by the deceased’s estate.

Choosing a clearance company: Landlords can find reputable clearance companies through lettings agents, fellow landlord recommendations or personal referrals. The key considerations include ensuring the company holds public liability insurance, a waste carrier license and has positive customer feedback, particularly from other landlords. Lastly we recommend that you check the company’s license number on the Environment Agency website as this will provide peace of mind. 

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